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Foundation empowering Las Vegas students to find success in school and beyond


   13 Action News

Read this article about how the Global Charity Foundation has been empowering students in Las Vegas.


Music education is pivotal to student success

Mr. Jay Caballero  

   Las Vegas Sun Guest Column

Check out Mr. Jay Caballero's guest column article about the important role music can play in your child's education.

Music Education Pivotal to Student Success


Ensuring student success requires group effort.

Mr. Bruce Congleton 10.24.2021  

   Las Vegas Sun Guest Column

Check out our very own Mr. Congleton's guest column article in the Las Vegas Sun.

Mr. Congleton's Guest Column Article

rapa drummer

North Las Vegas charter school’s music program is ready to rock

By Hillary Davis 8.3.2021  

   Las Vegas Sun

Delta has a new music program! Check out the Las Vegas Sun article here!

Students connect with Vietnamese pen pals in cross-cultural learning

Rachel Moore 5.31.2021  

   KTNV Las Vegas 13

Check out the article about Delta's unique pen pal program here!

summer school

The Delta Academy offers students opportunities for extra help

News 3 Staff  

   Las Vegas KSNV

Mr. Congleton speaks with Latoya Silmon about Delta's summer school program. Watch the video here!

vegas kids zone

Students are first at Delta Academy

Kimberley McGee 3.28.2021  

   Vegas Kids Zone

Dr. Konold sits down with Vegas Kids Zone to discuss Delta's approach to ensure student success. Read the article here!

Las Vegas charter school provides blueprint for student success doing distance learning

Ross DiMattei 7.27.2020  

   13 Action News

Las Vegas KTNV 13 Action News sits down with Dr. Konold and a former Delta student to discuss how students can still learn and be successful in a distance learning environment. Watch the video and read the article here!

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